Sunday, 2 August 2015

Games Workshop.....old figures


I could not sleep this morning so I was up early to walk around the grounds and snap a few pictures of what I have been painting over the last few days.

All these are old "stock" or bought from Ebay for a fraction of GW prices. My Space Marines have grown in number over the years so I thought I would treat myself to a Land Speeder.err this soon evaporated....have you seen the prices these sharks are trying to charge????

Oh well I suppose you have to pay for quality but not just yet....


  1. Nicely done! Can't beat some of those classic minis. RE collecting Necromunda has me giving some eye raising and some of the prices people are expecting to pay lol. Just keep your eye on ebay you'll get one.

  2. Some lovely work there, you are amassing a rather splendid collection.

  3. I really like the lens effects, as well as the bright plasma coil flare.

  4. Thanks Chaps.......long live cheap figures on ebay!

  5. If you want to go really old school, have a go at making a deodorant bottle grav-tank like in that Eavy Metal article from around the time the original WH40K: Rogue Trader was published. It was in White Dwarf, so it's officially Chapter Approved(tm)!