Sunday, 3 January 2016

20mm World War Two French.

Hi Chaps,

I do hope that all went well in the festive season and we can now look forward to the campaigns to be had in 2016.

The first figures to fall under the brush this year have been some old Hat (groan) 20mm French artillery. The box said late war (one) but these will form part of a WW2 force with the infantry being from Caesar.

There are the LMG figures )with the loaders being Hat artillerymen) and another company of infantry to finish yet but as these were painted to fill time there is no rush. The French infantry uniform was an odd colour to match and I used a Vallejo Khaki with a black was over it then highlighted with the khaki again. Probably not accurate but as close as I could get without spending money on a paint I will probably never use again.

The Germans which are my main interest are from Hat (artillery again) and Valiant for the infantry....there are lots of people moaning about the size of Valiant figures but I care not a jot. My beloved Britannia models are over size and no one ever seemed to care back in the day. On the table these figures will rarely be mixed with others so I won't even notice.

Speaking of tables there will be actual games appearing on this blog shortly! The old faithful Rapid Fire set has been dusted off and another copy of Bolt Action has been ordered. I must explain that the copy of Bolt Action that I took to Thailand to read has stayed there-essential to have some reading when it is too hot to venture out.

Well I hope that you guys are busy planning, painting or gaming-I am really looking forward to this year and I hope to see some people at the northern shows in the UK.

Keep blogging.


  1. I say, they are rather splendid.

  2. Nice work. Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks Chaps, the French are almost ready for miniatures war....well dice rolling.

  4. Nice looking minis...and bases!

  5. Good on you! There's no point in wasting cash on stuff you'll never need again. It's a fine job of work there and RF will give you some fine fast and fun games with the gear you have. The size issue is no real issue at all. I just keep units of the same size together and it makes no difference. I'm off to start an RF Stalingrad scenario. Happy gaming 2016.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Service! Stalingrad does sound fun....just reading the book of the same name!