Saturday, 9 January 2016

Prepping German and Russian Armies in 20mm

Hi Chaps,

It has been a dark and wet start to the weekend here in the north of England which is excellent weather for prepping miniatures!

My Italeri Russians are now on their bases as are the Valiant Germans which is a good start to any army as the clipping, gluing and adding of basing material is hardly the glamour side to our (pastime/sport?)/hobby.

So now I have a complete rapid Fire battalion for both Russian and German which will also be used for Bolt action. It is sad but true that I always number the bases so that the companies are always kept together, I have no idea when or why this habit started but I have no inclination to stop doing it now, I do remember playing Operation Warboard as a youth and the numbering thing may have started way back then!

The German Infantry Gun is a simple model as are the crew but they did appear to be on the small side for 1/72....then I made two Valiant crewmen who appear to be a little on the large side for 1/ just can't win but I do not care at all. The Hat crew are retired and the Valiant men will take over just because they will paint up nicer.

Well have a good weekend Chaps, I will be busy painting as I had 6 cans of beer last night and never want to see the foul stuff again!


  1. I like the Valiant figures but they are very chunky compared to others wares.

    1. Yes Valiant are large but on the table I think its fine to mix them....I just wish that Valiant would release more eastern European stuff!

  2. Nice start! I painted up a few of the Valiant fig's a year or so ago. Nice fig's to paint!

  3. Good start. Figures look nice as well.

  4. Thanks Chaps it's going to be an interesting week

  5. Nicely done. I find scale differences tend to disappear as I'm gaming, so a few discrepancies here and there are fine.