Sunday, 13 March 2016

Mantic Games are excellent value

Hi Chaps,

This week has brought with it a really pleasant surprise or two. I can only reveal one for the moment but this one is a revelation for me at least.

After reading the Frostgrave rules I realised that I had next to nothing in the way of fantasy miniatures so I ordered a few Reaper mini's from ebay. This company produce decent quality miniatures at a decent price and I intend to use them for Ice giants, Wizards and hoes (yes the ladies).

 Whilst on that most tempting of sites (the ebay one) I purchased some skeletons from Caliver books-I did not even realise that they were Mantic until later. They were cheap, incredibly easy to paint and full of detail. The sprues also contained ghouls which I have painted with a healthy skin tone so that they can double as beggars (even useful in my modern games...I can use them as the Leyland Aldi beggars!).

You may have noticed the anarchy that passes as my paint station-I am off in search of a computer desk to give me more surface area....untidy work stations absolutely do my nut in! The skeletons are on plain 30mm bases, I am undecided about this experiment but the wizards etc are on even bigger slabs of mdf so it does not look too out of place.

The last pic is of a couple of GW Flagellants that will form an unusual unit of bidowers for my Lion Rampant games or double as a background prop in pics etc....they are just for fun.

Thanks for looking Chaps, have a great Sunday.


  1. I am a fan of mantic mini's I must admit. Nicely painted yet again

  2. Very nice work - and thanks for joining my blog too! Regards, Dean

  3. Lovely :) I do like the hard plastics figures they do nice kits.

  4. Thanks Guys, it's good to know that I dont paint in a vacuum, as a solo gamer this is my only feedback. Thanks.