Thursday, 17 March 2016

Unusual Bidowers Complete!

Hi Chaps,

The last of my fanatical Bidowers are now complete thanks to the arrival of a 1 metre length of tiny chain from Poland. For the princely sum of £2.90 delivered this chain will have many uses, from securing loads to holding prisoners in my miniature world.

These photos have a strange bluish tinge, probably because I took the pics outside? Anyway I hope you get the idea of how they look. In time I will complete the remaining four figures, they came with books and extras on the sprues...who would have guessed it-value for money from Games Workshop?

On a guilty note I bought a pack of Plague Doctors from Wargames Foundry (the only miniature manufacturer I can think of that is more expensive than GW for no apparent reason)....These mini's were £16 for five (and a wheelbarrow) and are by far the most expensive 28mm that I have bought so far. It will be a long time before Foundry get any more of my money but they do make some interesting figures....doomed.


  1. Blue tinge??? Is that cause of the background and them being blue??

    They still look awesome

  2. I like these a lot and we undoubtedly be stealing that idea at some point. I know what you mean about the Plague Doctors - made my wallet wince too.

    1. Michael my pain is all your doing! I saw them on your blog. They are so well painted....the chap holding the brush is literally a work of art, you painted them brilliantly.