Thursday, 15 September 2016

Old Fantasy Figures

Hi Chaps,

The packing continues at a snails pace as progress on completion is very slow. Anyway I took the opportunity to snap some pictures of my little men before they go into storage. This stuff seems to be random fantasy and was never part of any big scheme for an army-how many of us are guilty of this I wonder?

The Lord of the Rings miniatures are part of a set-I never really settled with the game though my eldest son enjoyed it. The Perry twins are without doubt world leaders in their field and nice guys to boot but I just find their stuff too small for my old eyes.

Reaper have been a great discovery (I Colombused them) this last year or two, My medieval/fantasy streets are no longer as empty! The angry looking Chap with sword and axe was the first mini I painted from Games Workshop, the base says 1984 and this could well have been the year! Those were the days....enamel paints and turps, though I think this guy got a repaint years ago.

The Czar and his son are a WIP obviously the bases need finishing but they were fun to paint, his wife and daughter are next on my list...useful for Back of Beyond maybe?

Thanks for looking, I will pack this lot away now....only a few more left (well 50+).

Keep Blogging I do need to see your work.