Sunday, 11 September 2016

Vintage Games Workshop Fantasy Figures

Hi Chaps,

As part of my packing regime I am taking photos of my figures and terrain as they are put into storage, today it was mostly Elves and more Bretonnian archers.

These 10 guys have been given dull jackets and a grim look...there are another 10 waiting to be painted which would eventually amount to 36 archers and command. I have just noticed that their bases are not finished!

The Elves have just been collected over the last few months and happily there are some Mantic versions of the Witch Elves on the way along with a Witch and Cauldron which will make a nice small army....

as everything I do is centered on solo gaming I try to keep my units to a limit of 12 figures but a unit of spear men has grown to 18....more figures will have to be purchased to even this matter out. A unit of Cold Ones will almost see the end of this "army" as it will be big enough for my Sigmar and Dragon Rampant battles.

The last figure is a pet Goblin, sadly I now paint my Goblins in a pale flesh colour as it makes them look more disturbing, maybe they go green if kept captive? Games Workshop really were world leaders in figure manufacturing including these little gems in their figure boxes. Maybe the Age of Sigmar has ended all this silly fun?

Keep blogging Chaps, not many more figure shelves to clear now-the biggest is the 30K shelf,


  1. Nice work! I found some fantasy figures last year that had been in my lead pile for thirty years and finally got around to painting them.

    1. Thanks AJ those old figures we bought all those years ago end up being bargains if we wait long enough! 30 years does beat most people I would think though? You must have the patience of a Tibetan master!