Sunday, 29 January 2017

The First Steps of 2017

Hi Chaps,

Well 2016 was a big year...all the big stuff was done, house move and arrival of daughter safely completed so maybe 2017 will be about details. On the hobby side the first detail was to set up my old painting desk and dust off a few old figures (and sell off stuff in boxes).

It came as a surprise whilst filling my shelves that I have over 100 40K figures! Not bad for someone who does not play the game...maybe GW will do an Age of Sigmar on it and finally make it accessible to lesser mortals? Anyway I had an hour or two re acquainting myself with the little fellows who stared back at me rather menacingly...

As you can see the old bureau is getting a little worn but like myself it has had a life which is reflected in its creaks and creases. So with my toys a little more in order I decided to purchase some figures to see me through the next couple of months. Initially I wanted to order from Spectre miniatures but everything seemed to be out of stock so TAG and Empress got my order for African rebels. A modest 4 foot square board is next on the list along with buildings and scatter terrain.

My reference for the buildings will come from Thailand and Laos but I imagine they will fit in OK? For a long time I have wanted to show the complete disregard for safety in these remote places.... electric cables dangle everywhere and I do wonder how the cable guys decide what the hell is happening! Add to this chaos a very shaky drainage system and danger is coming at you from above and below even when it is peaceful.

The last pic is from a few years ago when the military had taken control of Thailand (for the 19th time since the 60's). The police and the army seemed to set up competing check points and things did occasionally get tense....bad stuff was mostly avoided by just paying a "fine".

Keep blogging Chaps your ideas are fantastic.


  1. Here's to a great 2017, particularly hobby wise.

    1. Thank you Michael and I hope your year is a productive one also. War gaming has been transformed in just a few years with plastic 28mm I am excited to see what 2017 will bring.

  2. Couldn't agree more - bring on the plastics! 😀

    1. Your so right Monty, anything could happen this year. Mantic are bringing out interesting stuff though it is a cross between plastic and resin I think.