Sunday, 5 February 2017

Starting to paint

Hi Chaps,

I am sure that at some time we have all had that loss of enthusiasm that causes us to abandon our painting stations from time to time? It happens to me a couple of times a year but I leave my paints in the rack because I know that at some point a trigger will snap me back into painting mode.

A similar thing just happened...though I cannot really say why I wanted to paint moderns again...maybe the Spectre miniatures website? Anyway I am still working on a cheap way of fabricating satellite dishes, air con units (molding seems to be the only option on this one) and radio relay masts.....

Foam buildings are being churned out at the rate of 3 a week but I really only want to show them on my gaming table which of course needs vegetation!

One of mine (and I am sure yours too) habits is to return to manufacturers that have provided good service previously and I always seem to look at Grubby Tanks. His technicals are effective and very cheap at £9 for vehicle and two crew....I love these casts which are easy to paint and arrive within a day or two-Grubby Tanks are excellent.

Fine scale modelers may want to look away at my techniques for securing wheels-the blue tac is still on there and cannot be seen, the super glue does the rest.

"The Crew" so far-the rest will be made up of TAG (The Assault Group) when they arrive. Actually this was a big order from me at over £50 (wooo I hear you cry...sadly no one gets rich off my orders)...

Chap below is a Reaper Bones plastic "Horace Action Jackson" who may appear in future Zombie games but for the moment has been promoted from pimp to Warlord!

Empress miniatures also feature in my little world and they are lovely to paint, there is far more detail on them than I can do justice too but they still look effective-I may try to take less close up pics!

Another Empress figure, I think he was in the SAS pack but now he is freelancing on my four foot square board.

Same guy in a dump...

Cheap foam board is a great way to fill a table, the gate is from Warbases....the actual base is a table mat that cost about 20p which is cheaper than mdf and saves the hassle of cutting.

Another contractor. The detail on these little guys is just amazing.

Well thanks for looking. I now have a little campaign started with the background story printed out which gives every little contact a reason. I have no idea how this will develop but it should be fun and mostly out of my hands.

Keep blogging guys!