Sunday, 4 June 2017

A few figures painted

Hi Chaps and Chappess's

What a sad few weeks this has been with religiously inspired nutters going on murder sprees up and down my beautiful country. I do hope the politicians start to confront this before the people take matters into their own hands. As for the families and victims words cannot convey the injustice that they have suffered, I am sure that we all grieve with them.

On a lighter note despite work trying it's best to sap all my time and energy I completed a unit of 10 Warlord Germans and a command unit of 3 (which I forgot to photograph). These early war Germans are to compliment the 222 which I completed a couple of weeks ago. The infantry are almost complete but I may scruff them up a little with some more highlights and a dry brush of dust here and there.

As you can guess I am struggling to crop my pics but this will be addressed soon...I had to rely on my sons i phone to take these! Only 10 more infantry and maybe a mortar to complete this as a small Bolt Action force and then onto Russians or French.

I recently have had a lull in my enthusiasm for the hobby, maybe this is the warm weather or just lack of time but I know that this is only a brief thing as it has happened before. Does it ever happen to you Chaps/Ladies out there? Even a trip to my new "Warhammer" shop in Preston did not lift my spirits though I did buy 3 new paints which brings my paint collection total up to 120 (why?). Whilst in there I did notice that the Start Collecting boxes seemed like really good value...£50 for a vehicle and infantry with support is almost reasonable!?

Keep blogging Chaps I read you at night!


  1. "I do hope the politicians start to confront this before the people take matters into their own hands". Very wise words!

    1. Yes up here in the North it is a powder keg...probably the same all over. Forgive the terminology.

  2. Yes, it's why I get involved in politics, because if I don't, it will certainly get involved in my life.

    Nice models there. I'm having something of a lull in gaming/painting activities lately, but not really through choice. We're trying to sell our house and most of my stuff is packed away.

    1. Wow I know your pain AJ I moved last year....never again until retirement for sure. Good luck with the sale