Wednesday, 2 May 2018

A few hours free

Hi Chaps,

Well things certainly improved this afternoon on the war gaming front. I actually had 2 hours of my own time with no distractions. What a treat.

As I am fairly tight (approaching Yorkshireman level) I decided to use up a scrap of 5mm foam card. This small piece was the leftover from some past building project and was an irregular shape so I measured 20mm squares onto it and proceeded to cut them out.

by stacking four together and holding them together with PVA and a couple of brass tacks I have the size of a 28mm Hesco barrier. Using insect netting (about £3 a metre) I stuck this on four of the sides. Please note that this will give you sticky fingers and PVA drives me mad. Once this is dry I will put glue on the top and dip into sand.... a finished example can be seen on the left of the next pic.

This was a little project to make use of my time and I hope that I never have to make any more of these! I always paint scenery using the cheap tester pots from B and Q.

To complete the best day ever (well in a long time) two lots of figures arrived from two excellent companies. Both had a free sample and relevant figure in with them and both delivered their orders the day after I placed them. Well done Britannia and The Assault Group.

I am not sure what is happening to my pics but I will leave it as it is getting towards kick off of Liverpool vs Roma and I am sure you chaps will understand....

Today I also ordered some air con units from Crooked dice, if you read through this blog you will see I attempted to make some of these and failed. The Crooked dice ones look really useful and the 10 I ordered will not be enough! Please do have a look at them-they are cheap.

Next week I hope to order some more figures so that my forces are more or less complete before I begin painting. The US Marines will probably get the Somalia desert pattern clothing-does anyone know if this is correct for the Assault Groupo figures?

Have a good week Guys-I am off again at the weekend (first in ages) and I hope to have a few shops or Afghan compounds almost complete to show you.

Thanks for looking Guys your Blogs keep me going.


  1. Ingenious bit of modelling going on there and very nice it is too.

  2. Thaks Guys, its he cheapest method but so sticky!