Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Hi Chaps,

Well I think this has been my longest break in many a year from the hobby but I do feel the urge to paint returning. I do rather think that this is a hobby of peaks and troughs, quite often I paint too much in too little a space of time and, over enthused but worn out I put the figures aside.

My latest break was due to a combination of a bereavement, the weather and work....always work. Still I do feel old interests stirring and last night I spent an hour or more looking at figures in my cabinet and feeling rather nostalgic.

I have every intention of resuming my painting when the weather cools-my painting desk will be moved and a design for a new paint rack to accommodate even more paint pots has been drawn. A few old but unpainted Games Workshop minis have been purchased from ebay and bids for even more have been placed. The remainder of this years painting will be focused on trying to learn some new techniques and improving my quality.

Games Workshop continue to impress me and I have bought their box of skulls! Not that I am such a fan that I buy every last item they produce but because I want to create a unit that looks like it has marched off the page of an old engraving. As a child the gruesome images from art books fascinated me and Games Workshop seemed to be taken up with the theme as well.

OK so the pics above are not such a good illustration of my point but... See you on the other side of this summer Chaps I have a feeling its going to be an awesome autumnal painting season.

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  1. Really looking forward to this project, sounds intriguing.

    1. Thanks Michael, it will be good to be back, it is just too hot to paint at the moment

  2. Yes, very curious to see where it leads. But take your time. Start when you’re ready (though just to contradict myself, sometimes a couple of hours of forcing yourself to make a start can open the floodgates!). Best wishes with it all, anyway.


    1. Hi Prufrock, I think your right. I believe we can't really force this hobby, you really have to want to paint before you begin.