Friday, 31 December 2010

Baa Humbug!

Sat at home infront of my humble hearth with logs blazing. Time team has just been on and my son is playing super Mario cart...lifes good. It has potential to improve (vastly) as I have been on the Hat website for the first time. I've had a beer or two but for the life of me I cant remember ever seeing anyone use these figures for wargaming-not even the 28mm stuff which looks excellent. Is there a problem with them?
Oh well I have food for thought on 2011 and a full project, at least this part of wargaming (one of the best bits by the way) costs nothing! Maybe WW1 in 20mm plastic? I dont think I can wait much longer for 28mm WW1 in hard plastic...have fun yourselves dreaming of new miniature campaigns and heres to a good 2011!!!!!!!!

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