Thursday, 30 December 2010

Historical research I tell you!

I was browsing through the Hendrickson family library (in my mind a vast room adorned with tiger skin rugs, large armchairs and roaring fire place-not just a drawer!), and found some photos. In almost every conflict since the civil war my relatives have been serving and falling like lemmings, you'd think that a quick appraisal of our family history would have put my forefathers off but they are obviously made of thicker stuff!
Most of the faded pics have a name and some of them have a date of death scribbled on the back but one photo is worthy of further examination. Its not of my great grandfathers or uncles but of a rather sexy girl wearing her boyfriends/husbands uniform, now I dont care what relative she was she would get it. Sorry to be so base...but there it been said.
OK its wierd on a lot of levels.not what one usually thinks of when researching solo wargames-or is it?

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