Saturday, 18 December 2010

First Entry!

Hi All,
this is a running commentary on my passion which is painting and gaming with model soldiers. Not exactly a Rambo type of pastime but I'm at ease with who I am and what I enjoy doing! If playing a wargame with small models that took weeks to paint was not hard enough I seem to have added to the complexity of it all by wargaming solo.
I do not shun the company of other gamers it just that I want to explore what is reasonable-I dont want to play a game where winning is the aim. Victory in a wargame is recreating what is plausable within the choices we make not actually who wins. Playing solo also allows me to create terrain and develop unit histories as there is no rush to play with an opponent...
I did have another blog "Solo Wargaming" but computer gremlins slayed it which is a pity because I enjoyed looking at the work of others which was always inspiring. By the way my profile picture is my girlfriend, I really look nothing like the profile pic!

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