Sunday, 26 June 2011

Russian Cavalry ready for paint...

Strelets have done it again with this excellent set of cavalry-these figures have loads of character and I cant wait to start painting and gaming with them. Its been a strange week, running my eldest son to lancaster to see him off to Geneva....uni has certainly been good to him! I am hoping to get some normality back by the end of the month and get some serious painting and terrain building in.

My WW2 project has stuttered to a halt so I will either pack it away or ebay it/swap it. Does anyone know who makes resin (or cheap) modern vehicles in 20mm? I was hoping that Hat would be producing the usual two kits in a box by now. Maybe we could talk them into making technicals or Humvees?

here are a few pics of my workbench, the cars are finished so my first scenario of my campaign will be a go soon enough.

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