Saturday, 25 June 2011

Single life !

Hi Chaps,
its been a momentus week-not the loss of another girlfriend but because my blog popped 10 000 hits, thank you all! I have just returned from another weekend in Preston and that means a visit to the model shop this time I purchased Strelets WW1 Cossacks. Currently I have 8 (one company for my games) ready to be sprayed black, they are based and PVA'd and three of the lances have been replaced by brass rod, the only difficulty has been keeping the riders on their horses. Speaking of horses its been a long time since I painted any nags so it should be interesting.

On the painting front I have almost completed two cars and a couple of scratch built houses....some Turkish infantry are based and await paint. I will post some pictures tomorrow. without realising it I have almost two complete forces for a "Back of Beyond" type game! In order to ever start my 1938 campaign I have been on the lookout for some Linka moulds to create some terraced housing, I remember using these moulds as a kid for my train set layout-I should have kept the moulds as they are £10 each.

I have included some pics from Lancaster museum and the model shop at Preston....I dont know why but the chap always gives me 10% off at this shop (it also does mail order) which is pretty cool, my son and daughter are in this pic. The other pictures are taken at Lancaster museum, I know I am getting old as that stair lift looked ever so tempting.

Thanks for visiting, I am sure that one day I will bump into some of you at a game show.


  1. Congrats and that's a nice shop.

  2. Well done mate on the 10,000 hits.That does look a great shop.We are loosing them at a hell of a rate down here.

    Cheers Rich.

  3. Congratz on the 10K hits, keep up the good work!!

  4. Good luck mate from a gamer just up the coast from you.

    Graham (Whitehaven)

  5. Thanks chaps!
    Whitehaven is cool but Cumbria has hardly any game shops!!