Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Some painting

I have almost completed three companies of troops, one Indian and two Askari. Although they are for use in my 1938 game I have as far as possible painted them as they would have looked in their own period setting, this way I can use them for their correct period.
These have had a quick paint job then a wash of GW brown wash...the bases need some finishing as does the Askari officer and NCO in one of the companies. I rather like the Indian HMG crew as they blend in so I will begin work tonight on an Indian gun crew!
A few hours spare this afternoon saw the start of two more Indian/desert houses....looking forward to painting the staff car tonight-lifes good with plenty of cheap 20mm figures!

Sorry about the photo quality, I only have my desk lamp-more of an effort will be made when I actually play a game. Thanks for looking.


  1. Blimey, Carl, you don't hang about do you? Excellent results and industry!

  2. Very nice -- quality and quantity both!

  3. Hey unticking the "always sign me in" works

  4. Nicely painted figures mate!!!

  5. Great base on the field gun too...