Friday, 22 February 2013

Old 28mm Painting

Just moving back into my large bedroom as honourable son number 1 is now living in Geneva, it is good to see him enjoying life and good to get my room back-everybody wins! Anyway as I was in the midst of clearing (shovelling really) out I found these I thought that I would plop them on here. They are old and a bit tired looking now but they are going back on the shelf as my wife bought them for me.

I will enjoy looking at all things Victorian tonight, Westwind and Empire of the dead figures so that I can order some next week. Todays task inbetween housework was gluing some Perry pikemen together and a few handgunners, the crossbowmen will have to wait as I am fed up with the cutting and glue vapour!

Thanks for looking! Have a good weekend.


  1. The three-set of wolves still look great! As does the evil lady with the red cape. About how old are these paint jobs?

  2. Don't mock I thik these figures are crammed packed with character.

  3. Thanks for the comments, it does help! The figures were painted around 7 years ago, the chap in the bowler maybe 10 years! Time flies! I do paint differently now though this is partly due to poorer eyesight (and a poorer wallet-no more Games Workshop for me). Thanks for looking.