Thursday, 21 February 2013

Wars of the Roses painting update

The first Battle of my late medieval army is almost complete, just a little basing and a commander to find. The Perry twins once very kindly helped me to date a weapon from a friends collection and I think that they have really championed the use of plastics in war gaming but....these figures just have too much detail for my old eyes!

Complaint aside they are painting up reasonably well and look OK on the table but my next project will not contain anymore massed units until someone produces a more painter friendly plastic figure. Looks like Darkest Africa or even "Empire of the Dead". I know that these bases only have 3 figures on them but 4 figures just looked cluttered...

Thanks for looking and keep blogging!


  1. ...and very nice blog! I am the 100th!

  2. Thanks for your kind comments and thanks Phil for being the 100th....I will have a celebration tonight! I wish you could all join me for a beer!

  3. Great work Carl - really love the Perry plastic stuff and three models to a stand look fine ;)
    I must admit, at 28mm I stick to skirmishes; it takes me ages to paint at the best of times...

  4. Monty, I think that you are right, 28mm is great for a skirmish, Darkest Africa or Back of Beyond even...Medievals and Napoleonics only if you have unlimited time and funds!