Thursday, 27 March 2014

Caesar Mini Brits

Hi Chaps,

Despite being too busy and too involved with a court case to concentrate on anything else I did succumb to a visit to my local model shop "Transport models" in Preston as I was literally passing the door.

Once inside I was pretty impressed by what seems to have been a restock of their plastic figures and I came out clutching some modern Brits and willpower!

The detail on these figures is amazing...they beat most 28mm that I have seen and they are cheap! 32 figures for £6.70. I will not be using all the figures but two 10 man platoon/companies is good going for that price. Now I just have to source Chris Peers set of "At close quarters" and it is game on....well after making some buildings, acquiring some vehicles...aircraft and some command.

Keep blogging your blogs are keeping me sane!


  1. Excellent please post pics of the figs when you get chance.

  2. Shineyitus (well if you consider new plastic shiney) strikes again. You're in my ball park with those figures as I work only in plastic. Caesar are far my favorite. They are very detailed. Saying that a few other companies are getting there. Plastic the way ahead.

  3. I will post some pics as I cannot resist having a go at painting them. If this is the quality of plastic now then they are to be recommended. Its a pity that there are no easy build modern vehicles though!
    Still I will be reliving 10 years of my life as I paint those Bergens....I will have to try and paint the figures sweating if they are to be realistic LOL.

  4. Hopefully they are bigger than the Revell figures which had all the British working out at 5'1" tall in 1/72 scale!

  5. The plastic is very hard, after painting I sometimes coat in a watered down white glue, the kids stuff which makes them very solid. Legatus you are right about the Revell stuff which sometimes just looks odd.