Friday, 21 March 2014

Real life intrusion into my hobby time!

Hi Chaps,

Well I have not posted anything for a couple of weeks due to real life pressures and a lack of time. Its only when I am unable to indulge in my hobby that I realise how much I miss it and just how valuable I regard all this miniature madness.

In passing I have dragged out my Russian 20mm to be worked on, with an eye test booked this scale may become a little easier to paint. Also I have a list of modern 20mm that I will order from Britannia. (One of the best parts of the hobby for me is making army lists...).

In my reading time I am keeping up to speed with the blogs I follow.

 Thank you for keeping me sane! Sorry about the lack of posts I will be able to explain why in the coming week or so.


  1. Hobby stuff will be there when you are ready. Even if you don't feel like you have time get up a few minutes earlier or stay up a few minutes late (or while cooking dinner) and do a bit of quick painting....sometimes during busy times you have to be cunning how to slip in a little hobby time to burn stress.

  2. It happens to us all. Chin up, we'll still be here!

  3. Thanks Chaps, hopefully we will meet up one day and I will be able to buy you a drink for the support...or a pack of figures LOL...

  4. I suspect I am about to go into an all consuming work period so am enjoying my painting while I can. These things happen!

  5. No need to apologise. I get twitchy when I don't get anything done for a bit.

  6. Good luck in freeing up some hobby time soon. :)