Thursday, 27 March 2014

"Well that escalated quickly"

Hi Chaps,

Well this was not expected. For a month I have been in the doldrums obsessed by past events and not finding time for my hobby or anything much else. Then a random and humble box of plastic 1/72 seems to have changed everything. I could not help but provide some transport for my miniatures in the form of a couple of warriors from Britannia and then a Jackal and a few support troops....

The photos are actually from a website of a very talented painter (I hope that he does not mind me using them), please treat yourself and take a look at his site.

Now its off around the blogosphere to find out how you fellows paint your vehicles.

Thank you.


  1. I'm in the same boat. Due to life issues I hadn't done anything and one day I found an old box of Esci Spetnaz and painted some up. Next thing I know I have US,Brits,Soviets, Strykers, BMP's, LAVs all in various stages (All for solo games) - It simply snowballed !. Take care Paul

  2. Paul I am so glad that this has happened to someone sort of gathers its own momentum!

  3. They are very nice. Look forward to seeing yours done. Pretty much the same with picked up a few Victorians on a whim and now own nearly all the Empire of the Dead collection....

  4. Haha Simon! The Victorian stuff is so addictive.