Friday, 3 April 2015

WarHammer Fantasy....what the hell?

Hi Chaps,

I am confused. Last year my son and I played Space Hulk many times and enjoyed every game...we fudged the odd rule here and there but it was simple enough and we got by. Buoyed by this success I dug out a very old copy of Warhammer Fantasy thinking that we could play a game or two with the figures in the box. The old rules seemed straight forward....

This was not the end though, I have a later set. The problems started when I began to read them! They made WRG 7th edition seem like DBA!! How the hell does Games Workshop sell these rules to kids? I can only imagine the endless tedious arguments and teenage angst poured out over this poorly written needlessly complicated pile of crap....and you need a book for each army!!

This is of course my own fault for buying something without researching it...but in my defense this was before the internet and I was single so I had money to I have a large Empire army which looks attractive enough but it needs a set of rules!

Any advice would be appreciated...the thought of blue tacking my figures down to cardboard is making me ill but Hordes of the Things never looked so good!

It has occurred to me that I am just thick and GW have produced a slick and easy to read manual......(oh god no)....


  1. Kings of War?

    The units are supposed to be on one base, but it isn't necessary to do it that way.

  2. Try Brent Spivey's Mayhem - similar to HotT but with a bit more flexibility. Good for solo gaming too.

  3. Thanks Chaps I will give those two a look. Got to be better than Warhammer

  4. Stick with the old Warhammer rules, people are staring to go back to Warhammer 3rd edition or Oldhammer as we call it now.

    1. I may try that! I just cant be bothered with the complexity of the later edition that I have
      Good to know other people are staying with the older books as well.

  5. I would recommend Kings of War too... You can test drive the game for free and use everything you have in your collection (well, not your steamtank if you have one) as a Kingdom of Men army. Put your minis on movement trays and you're ready.

  6. You can use your steam tank in Mayhem. ;)

  7. A few months on but another vote for Kings of War. The Second edition is coming out this month and, in preparation for that, a free version of the rules and the army lists are out here -

    The forum has works in progress lists for other, more Warhammer like, armies.

    We tried Mayhem but it did nothing for us. Kings of War clicked immediately

  8. Maybe Lion/Dragon Rampant? Of course, if your army is really large there may be too many models for the rules to handle...

    Just a thought.