Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Old Hammer....? ID if possible please.

Hi Chaps,

A few weeks or is it months ago? I had a conversation with a fellow I have known for years and he casually mentioned that he had some figures in his garage. Free to me as I am a war gamer...happy days. Eventually this box of what he described as fantasy figures turns up out of the blue! I am grateful but I am pretty sure that they are not fantasy!

By the looks of them they are old-very old Games Workshop 40K but I do not recognise the castings at all. Maybe they will find their way onto ebay but more likely they will now sit in my garage! Is there anything of interest amongst these? Does anyone actually know what they are?

Games Workshop have come a long way from their starting figures thank goodness but then again the hobby has moved on tremendously, I remember being amazed at Hinchcliffe figures that were the true 25mm about 30 years ago.

Keep blogging because I really enjoy reading about your efforts...how selfish is that?!


  1. 3rd picture: I think these are all 1st edition (jes goodwin?) eldar. green = striking scorpions, blue = swooping hawk (should have a winged backpack), raw lead is a warlock.

    4th pic. glue guy is 40k marine scout. the 6 legged thing is a tyranid dominatrix for epic scale, raw lead is a 1st edition (rogue trader) grey knight I beleive.

    2nd pic. guy in back is an eldar dark reaper, missing his gun. right back is a marine scout. two guys in front are marine terminators. The red ish thing is a partial imperator titan (imperial) for epic scale.

    1st pic - looks like mostly 40k with some epic (tyranids, imperial titans, maybe some ork stuff?) in there.

    You could probably manage some decent trades with the oldhammer crew for some of it. The rogue traders era stuff I think is of interest to them.

    I suspect there is decent interest in the classic eldar stuff. Possibly it's just that I'm partial to it though. It certainly was the inspiration for all the eldar stuff, even to this day.

    The epic stuff is all out of production now, although I think you have fairly 'common' stuff.

    1. Dave, your knowledge is astounding! I would have thought that there would be little or no interest in these older models...our hobby is small enough but I think that collecting the older stuff is an even smaller niche! Thanks for the information. Are the models early 1980s?

    2. It helps that this was the time period I was quite into these figs....I think I bought white dwarf magazine around this time too. My friend had a number of those eldar as well.

      Bottom of this page will identify a number of these. I didn't really think of them as rogue trader, but I suppose they are on the late days of that edition.

    3. The Grey Knight terminators (bare metal) and the Eldar are not Rouge Trader, the Rouge Traders figures where from the 1980s these are 1990s figures after Rouge Trader was renamed 40K you could call them first ed 40K.

  2. Spot on. They are 1990's ish. The Emperor Titan came out in the Titan legion game


  3. Oooh a space crusade scout or maybe advanced space crusade. either way good stuff!

  4. You could sell these for a decent price as oldhammer is popular...........or keep them and paint them and add to the horde of figures you already have. You know you want to !

  5. Thanks for the advice Chaps but they will have to go or be storedin the shed...my shelves are full!