Sunday, 3 May 2015

War Hammer Empire Army

Hi Chaps,

Earlier this morning I began to clear my shelves in order to dust them (I live in a modern house but it gets dusty quickly) and  I realised that I have a lot of Empire figures so I thought that I would put some pics on here. These are mostly the older figures that I have bought from fleabay and at least one unit has been repainted but on the table they look OK.

First off are the artillery, the smaller piece is from an old boardgame? Anyway this will give you an indication of how long I have been collecting these figures!

The second picture is the artillery command stand, the chap holding the brass telescope was painted around a decade ago!

Third and fourth pics are a unit of fanatics...pretty much looks like kicking out time from one of the local pubs here in Preston!

This picture is of a magician and his helper...the figures are Reaper miniatures and are made from a wierd plastic but they hold the paint well enough.

An almost finished unit of err riflemen...the powder monkey was fun.

There are two units of shooting types again and one of Spear men, the molds are not accurate enough to paint the stripes correctly so you have to wing it!

Lastly a fun girl and an ogre...there are another 16 shooters based and primed but it may take a long time to get them completed as this has never been a project, it sort of happened on its own. I have come across my old copy of the rules which may even be playable but I think these guys will have to go to make room for my Copplestone figures which have been in a box for too long.

Thanks for looking Chaps! Keep blogging.


  1. Excellent job, love the command stand and your work on the clothes especially...

  2. I like the base with the figures and the table, very cool!

    1. Thanks Ray, the table base has become a theme with my armies of late. My Chinese Warlord army has one and I am building another for my Russians. Maps in 28mm are tricky to draw though!

  3. Nice Empire, looking good. Not seen the Reaper mini's before, nice work there too.

  4. Nice painting! Love what you did with the old Paper Blood on the Streets buildings! I really loved that whole bunch of box sets. Those were Good Games workshop Citadel days! Grey in Va.