Friday, 15 May 2015

Can you guess the next project?

Hi Chaps,

Well my dreams of 6MM glory have been put on hold for this month as my son was very underwhelmed at the thought of gaming with such miniature miniatures!

So instead its back to what any normal 12 year old would want to game...can you guess what it is before you see the third photo?

I am not a prepper but I love reading about the subject and I do acknowledge that it makes sense to at least have some information on the subject.

Well this photo should have given you a clue? I already have a large collection of military types for this game but this lot arrived today, happy times and something very different!

Plastic figures in 28MM have in my opinion revolutionised the war games hobby. Practically anything is possible and who knows what will be available in a few years time? After reading all the prepping books and watching the films I should be able to ride out the first six months of the Apocalypse in comfort and if I am the last man alive not much will change as I game solo!

Keep blogging !