Friday, 31 July 2015

Repainting Genestealers...and War Hammer 40 000 1993 version.


Having played a few games of Space Hulk with my son I thought that I would try to repaint some of the monsters that came with the Ebay purchased games. The original figures were probably painted back in the 90's and as such were probably normal for the day but just don't seem right now. (Someone will probably be saying the same in 2035?).

Anyway I tried to strip the paint using Dettol and it simply did not work so they got a respray of matt white car undercoat and a quick paint, wash and highlight. These are old figures but they still look menacing!

So 3 down and 27 to go! These will be kept in my figure cabinet alongside the Space Marines-it is odd but I have a growing collection of Games Workshop figures but I have never played War Hammer or 40K. The Age of Sigmar may change all that because despite terrible reviews from GW fans I think it sounds interesting.

The last creepy pic is being saved as a treat once I have painted 10 of it's lesser team mates. Thanks for looking I will be off now to read a very old copy of War Hammer 40 000 from actually looks like a good set of rules.


  1. These look like fun to paint and I love the look of what's happening with the final set up. With regards to stripping paint you find find this interesting:

    I haven't tried it myself, but Herbert's results look impressive.

  2. Thanks Michael I will certainly have a look at the website as the paint has been plastered on!

  3. Foaming oven spray will usually strip paint pretty well. As will simple green. If you really want to remove the rest a little diluted simple green and a few minutes in an ultra sonic cleaner will do wonders. You can get them for about 25- 40 dollars in kitchen and bath places. I convinced the wife to get one for cleaning her engagement ring: "since it costs 20 dollars at the jewelry store anyway do it twice at home and it's paid for itself oh and maybe i might use it once in a while to clean an old ebay mini"...3 guesses as to who uses it more ;)

  4. Haha very clever and very devious Zab! I will try a few different ways to clean up the old figures I have far its been less than encouraging so I will try new ideas

  5. I agree the old figures still do look menacing. In fact I prefer them to the new ones and repainted mine over the Christmas period. I look forward to seeing these progress to completion. Kind regards from Clint