Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The Israeli Infantry arrive

Hi Chaps,

It has been a slow week hobby wise but my Orion Israeli Infantry arrived and I am happy to report they are gamer friendly. The castings are free from flash and the figures are a nice chunky size that allows my old eyes to paint them and it gives them a presence on the tabletop.

Colour wise the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) is a bit of a nightmare with people using kit they have been issued with years ago (so it has become faded) alongside newbies with brand new uniform. In a way it makes life easy for the painter as you cannot go wrong.

The box art is a bit misleading as the infantry are all armed with M16 rifles or its later versions and I also found when looking on the web that the uniform is usually a darker green...also the webbing is a pale green or brown/khaki. Anyway as they are my toys I painted them a darker green but the next batch will be lighter and I will mix them up when they are put into their units.

The photo is a little misleading as the colours seem exaggerated but I hope that you get the idea. The only other bits I worked on this week were a couple of old Lesney cars and two SU 152s which saw service in Egypt and Iraq so they got a desert colour.

Hopefully the Force on Force ruleset will arrive this week-I have been reading The Bush War supplement and it is very well written and presented, I really do recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in modern Africa.

Keep blogging Chaps, we are the only sane people I know.


  1. Nicely painted figures and the SU 152 looks good as well.

  2. Thanks Chaps, I hope to be using them on the tabletop soon.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Michael, it has been a slow week really, I am now waiting for bases.

  4. Just caught up with the blog and have enjoyed the work you've been doing. I'll have to check out Ultima Ratio and Grubby for stuff.

    1. Thanks Sean, Hannants model shop in the UK stock Ultima Ratio, they are pretty good with quick delivery....thanks for looking