Sunday, 1 November 2015

Librarian...or psyker...

Hi Chaps,

Yes, my copy of WarHammer is so old it has Psykers in it! These guys are pretty useless with only a few abilities and these will have little bearing on my games....the low level characters also have a difficult time in using their skills. I would have preferred a ridiculous looking model for my with a nose bleed as a result from failing a roll or something like that?

The model is actually a Librarian from Dark vengeance (ebay actually), but he will have to do. This is Space Marine number 26...wooo. On order is a box of tau and an old codex from that auction site again. Does any one else use these miniatures for their own rule sets?

Later this week I will hopefully be able to share with you a picture of a shelving unit for my paints...a portable unit that should keep together all the assorted junk that we painters need.

Keep blogging Chaps.