Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Turning Old Toys into 20 MM Gold (almost)

Hi Chaps,

This week has been fairly productive with 20 painted US modern soldiers and half a dozen bad guys. A street plan has been drawn and reading material sourced. It was whilst looking in a drawer for an Osprey book that I came across a few old toy cars-perfect candidates to occupy my time on a rainy Sunday afternoon!

The cars came apart easily and were tipped in hot water and caustic soda....always add the caustic to the boiling water to avoid a nasty bubbly surprise.

Once stripped the little cars were under coated and then given their final coat of white. Re assembly is straight forward with everything being held in place with a Bostik type glue. Final touches included the lights and a guy hanging out of the window doing a 20 MM drive by.

With their bases now finished these cars were great (cheap) fun to mess around with......I will need many more to grace my little table.

The Bradley is a cheap Fabbri (I think) that was won on ebay....it may yet receive the caustic treatment.

Keep blogging Chaps!


  1. What a transformation! Amazing work Sir.

    1. Thanks Michael...they were less than a pound for the lot.

  2. Love the cars with mud effect, excellent!

    1. Thanks Phil, I am trying to keep them generalised so that they can bu used for many different countries