Sunday, 31 July 2016

Painting Everything!

Hi Chaps,

This week I had intended to paint up some IDF 20mm but they are still in transit as is the Grubby I had a rumage and found some 5th edition Bretonnian archers. A quick visit to my local hobby store and bought some Deus Vult Teutonic infantry guessing that they would match.

I think that they will mix in OK ? Anyway I have another couple of units to paint up and it would seem that an accidental project may have started, happily these guys will work for Lion/Dragon Rampant, Age of Sigmar and almost anything else medieval, (though I need to find 2 more archers on ebay to have a full unit!).

Please do excuse my desk which will have the tidying of a lifetime after this post but I really have been scratching around for something to paint. I did find 3 old Space Marines that someone had painted a very thick black (with what I have no idea) so I decided to paint a test figure. He turned out OK and any future old Marines that accidentally come my way will be painted in this scheme.

So that was my week, a no show from the postie but it turned out pretty productive anyway. The next big project will have to be a display cabinet to plop my little armies into as my bookcase is now full of zombies and 30K figures.....200 painted this year so far.

Have a good weekend Chaps and keep blogging.

I am off to tidy my desk before the RSM (read wife) sees it.


  1. Looking good. Liking the test marine as well nice colour scheme you've gone for.

    1. Thanks Simon, the black was decided for me really. I usually don't enjoy space marines but I was down to my last 3 figures.

  2. A busy looking table you have there, those Space Marines turned out rather well.

    1. Thanks Michael, I painted him out of desperation as I had nothing left! I must rebuild the plastic mountain.