Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Still Alive and Kicking

Hi Chaps,

It has been a few weeks since my last post so I thought that I would give a quick update on what has happened. As usual the culprit is life. Busy with family and looking for a new home. That is about the top and bottom of it. Painting is usually infrequent for me in summer anyway as one has to take advantage of the weather here in England-it has been wet though!

No new purchases other than yet another box of zombies from the Zombicide range, strangely the cheapest place I have found these is on Amazon UK. I am waiting patiently for Z War One to be released just so I can have a nosey at more undead.

Finally I have been experimenting with printed paper to stick onto foam card and mdf....something that I have previously turned my nose up at but infact it looks OK. My terraced housing now takes 1/10th of the time to create and is passable....Winter of 79 in 28mm keeps popping into my head!!

If you have read this far thank you, my next update will contain photo's, over 70 Zombies and counting....


  1. Good to know all is well and looking forward to see how you get on with the card stock.

  2. Real Life does tend to get in the way. Keep bashing on.