Saturday, 8 April 2017

Vintage Games Workshop Empire Muskets.

Hi Chaps,

Well it has been another busy week on the work front with nearly no painting time....but I have found a slot! By getting out of bed 30 minutes early I am starting to develop a method whereby I can still paint a unit of troops (10 for me) each week. Obviously this method is a work in progress and painting before 6AM is a new thing but by applying just one colour to 5 of the men in a unit I can get all 10 to a stage where I can complete them on a Saturday morning. (at a decadent 7AM).

Where there is a will there is a way....

The Dracoth thing was an impulse by from ebay...I had never painted a big model before so this was a first. The quality of Games Workshop does seem to continually improve and I may invest in some more newer releases.

When I said there is always a way I was of course excluding my damn computer which refuses now to crop the height of a picture without also taking the same amount off an never used to do this. Oh well more things to add to the wants list.

Also now that I have mentioned "the list" I have ticked a few items off of it in the last few weeks, namely a Dwarf starter army (on its way) and a leaf punch from Greenstuff which should arrive later this week. I have coveted a leaf punch for some time but the spare money (a paltry £11 inc postage) was always in demand somewhere else. Having had a good few years living carefully to say the least I have become a bit of a "prepper" as regards everything-especially hobby wise. The plastic mountain will grow large enough to take me into retirement by the end of the year.

Keep blogging Chaps it is my escape time at work.


  1. There may be (should be) a setting in whatever picture editing program you are using to turn on/off something like constrain proportions or aspect ratio or whatever terms they use. It could be just a checkbox or icon, possibly showing a "lock".

    Nice painting!

    1. Thanks Fitz, I will have a look now...I have no idea why it changed itself. Thanks again for the tip.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Michael it feels so good when I can finally paint.

  3. Very nice. I do like the look of some the Empire beasties.

    1. Thanks Simon, it is a nice change of pace to paint fantasy where you can't really get things wrong