Saturday, 29 April 2017

Too many Paints and Old Style Dwarves

Hi Chaps and non Chaps,

Work has been intense this week so I only managed to paint a handful of models which as you could guess are older Games Workshop products bought cheaply on ebay. I have no idea about the lore regarding Dwarves, Elves or anything else that GW produces-my "background" info comes from The Hobbit so I may be missing a lot of detail!

The figures are almost complete but I will give them another pass over tomorrow to eradicate any glaring errors, after all these are rank and file guys and not characters...

It was a refreshing change to work on something other than Empire-these guys were really cheap off the internet and are now the beginnings of yet another army. I am not complaining but I do need to get a couple of new shelves

Earlier today I visited GW Preston to buy some bone coloured paint. Needless to say I bought 6 lots of paint but not Ushabti Bone or whatever it is called now as I forgot.

On arriving back home I had a look at my paints and I seem to be collecting more paints than figures

Vallejo/Others paints =35
Vallejo/other washes  =8
Citadel washes =9
Citadel special paint= 5
Citadel paint=58
Other paint = 2

The reason I mention this is that the 6 paints I bought today cost £17..OK I am old but bloody hell £17. This hobby can seem a little expensive especially if like myself you are on a bit of  budget.

Keep blogging people, I love reading your stuff.


  1. You can't have too many paints (or dwarves)! :)
    I actually bought a couple of new paint colors today, that I may end up only using a few times, but I "needed" them. ha!

  2. Maybe all gamers are the same? I understand your "need" for the paints....I think we become hoarders in this hobby.

  3. Wonderful figures, painting and basing are just superb!

    1. Thanks Phil, the bases are made from air dried clay snapped into chunks when dry. Patterns can be carved into this stuff really easily.

  4. The 3 gentlemen above are spot on 'you can't have too many paints', 'we are hoarders' and great painting.

    1. Thanks seems as though we all have similar habits. I have a box full of odd bits for scratch building, I wonder if any one else does this?

    2. Not quite - my bits are all over the place.

  5. Certainly recognizes the too many paints. I've trying to reduce the available pallette without much success. Each new venture requires new paints and so on... Anyway, keep up the wonderful work.