Sunday, 7 May 2017

Dwarves. This week has been about Dwarves.

Hi Chaps,

How was your week? I hope you all had it swimmingly easy as I am now having to relearn the art of making the most of ones time. If I rise at 6AM I can grab 30 or 40 minutes of silence at my painting table....the bliss of it. How do you Chaps or Chappes's fit your painting time into your week?

Using little nibblets of time to paint in is a new phenomenon for me and the techniques needed to complete a unit are rather novel as well. Monday and Tuesday usually see the base coats completed and by Thursday I can see the figures looking a lot tidier than before which spurs me onto completing the unit. Since restarting work I have only painted Games Workshop figures which tend to need a lot of attention so it would be interesting to see how this method would work on simpler figures.

Below are a unit of 10 Dwarves that got paint thrown at them this last couple of weeks (5 figures a week which is so slow...)...

The bases are under construction for the last 5, it is just a time availability thing that has slowed my painting to a Dwarf's pace. I do have a miniature plastic mountain to choose from so this next week will see yet more short guys on the desk...

All the models here were second hand from ebay and cost a lot less than 50P per figure so I can paint them and base them without worrying if they are ruined or are "game legal" to use jargon picked up on the Dakka forum which is an excellent read by the way.

Lastly is a work in progress-a standard bearer for my Empire troops...I really need to either buy some late medieval banners or develop a way of doing these better as I need a few more....

Keep blogging everyone it makes me happy to see your work and I get to use some of your great ideas.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Michael...Can I ask which country you are in? I was thinking NZ but probably very wrong?

  2. Nice job on the dwarves! You can't have enuff of them.

    1. Thanks Jay, I have started more but I have no idea why!?

  3. Stunty work!

    But seriously, dwarves are always good; I have "tons" of the stout fellows (and a few stout gals), mostly old GW and Foundry metal. Nice work on these!

    1. Thanks Fitz, I have never painted them before but they are fun! I never even thought that there were female versions!!

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