Monday, 17 February 2014

Acquiring a routine...

Hi Chaps,

well the weather is pants for half term but that does not seem to affect my son who is very happy with all outside activity being rained off, it just means more 360 time!

Hobby wise I am still plodding with the immensely detailed Perry medieval figures but they have been reinforced with some Irregular miniatures artillery and crossbowmen. when I first started war gaming with metal figures Irregular was my favourite company as they seemed to have every figure imaginable. Slowly I started to discover other manufacturers but is was still good today to receive a parcel filled with the characterful Irregular figures. If you have not been to the site treat yourself...

I do hope Irregular do not get medieval on me for using a few of their pics (I will post my pictures when the lads have been painted).

I did order a lone long bowman to make up a unit and he fits in well with the Perry plastic bowmen. The crossbowmen should be interesting to paint and add some variety to my already growing army (well OK Battle).

See you soon chaps, keep busy!


  1. Good old Irregular. Haven't seen them at a show in ages sadly, so nice to know they're still going strong. One of the first companies that I turned to when I started wargaming... still have loads of unpainted WW1 6mm somewhere... including a French village!?! Looking forward to seeing those crossbowmen painted :-)

  2. I also went with Irregular all those years ago. I had a English Medieval army but it never got painted and it's been chucked at some point which is a real shame.

    Irregular still do a lot of shows, saw them at Derby and Triples last year and the two years before. Not so sure about south though


  3. Looking good, so far - like the crossbow men too - nice one.

  4. I also have fond memories of Irregular. Back in the pre internet days they were by far the fastest company I dealt with. From mailing my order with a Eurocheque to delivery it only took a week to get my miniatures in Belgium. Lightning fast in those days...

  5. Hi Chaps, seems we all used Irregular and liked them! They were a speedy company and still are...order to my door within a couple of days. I have not been to a show for around 7 years!