Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Hail Caesar

Hi Chaps,

In a desperate attempt to actually get some games played I have bought Hail Caesar. Maybe DBA would have been a better start but if this book is anything like Black Powder the illustrations should be amazing...though I may well try 1/72 or even 6mil to get gaming quickly.

What would you chaps recommend to use? I do like 28mm but would like to get a game in with my son (who is 11) before he starts uni....


  1. I would work out what armies I wanted and then think about scale. You might find some armies are only available in certain scales. Or you might decide that you like a certain manufacture and fit your choice of armies towards them. One thing is certain if you are making an army or figures that do not inspire you. Painting it will e a real chore.

  2. You are so right about figure choice Clint! I bought some Perry medievals last week and I have hardly touched them....:(

  3. Skirmish, skirmish, skirmish; less figures - so, 28mm no problem. Solo rules? Not an issue - they are, and two and multi-player: try Swordplay, oh, and they're free...

  4. Clint is spot on. I must confess that when I first bought Hail Caesar I poured over the piccies for a day or two wanting every army I saw and then found myself at a show with my arms full of Warlord 28mm boxes etc. It was only at that stage that I realised what I was doing, and how long (having the time to paint just 4 or so 28mm a week) it would take me to paint just one army - let alone a second for an opponent. Now having done what Clint suggests, and ending up with 6mm Baccus I still haven't painted them up. But its the thought that counts :-)


  5. Thanks Chaps you are all right. My son wanted Space Hulk (skirmish) not available so maybe 6mm is the next best option to get a game? Its such a pity that GW did not see Space Hulk as a way of bringing in new players to 40K.
    When the book arrives I will let my son decide which armies we will buy. Even I can afford 6mm and Irregular armies start at #12.50