Thursday, 20 February 2014

Thinning my collection and ebay....sigh

Hi Chaps,

sometimes things do not go to plan! Today I thought that rather than let some figures languish in a drawer I would sell them on ebay and buy my son Dungeons and Dragons...and of course more figures to paint! Frustratingly when listing on ebay the "Next" button refused to work!

So...damn you ebay...! must be a browser issue or something? Has anyone experienced anything similar to this? Anyway here is what I will attempt to put on there if I can resolve this!

Obviously despite using 2 lights I still have a lighting issue...its just dull grey and bleak up North LOL. The moderns I have replaced with 1/72 Caesar models and although there isn't as much variation the quality is still there, I may put some comparison pictures up?

Thanks for being patient about my rant regarding fleabay....this has been a busy month for painting. My desk is in a shocking state which pains me greatly-I will post a pic of the chaos later. Keep blogging Chaps reading your adventures in miniature is the only thing keeping me sane!


  1. Very nice if your on Lead Adventure try advertising these in ther Bazaar.

  2. Hi Simon, I am not on Lead adventure but that is a good idea. I may have a look tonight. Thanks for that.

  3. try using the Gimp free image editor to lighten the images I use it all the time as the light as you say can be a bit grim

  4. I have had posting issues, you have to use a higher more updated browser....I usually suggest Firefox or Crome seems to work well with Ebay. Could be the ISP provider you use or Ebay was just getting alot of traffic that could have slowed the response to the next button. Hard to day.

  5. Thanks for the help Chaps, you were all right. I have now listed the figures using my sons computer which has a different browser. At the moment I am definately having a love hate relationship with technology!

  6. Selling rather than hanging onto and buying more, that's a big step. For me, unused figs goes into the various lead and plastic sprue dumps around the house! Funnily enough, there's been recent instances where previously unloved figs have come in handy.