Thursday, 3 April 2014

Fire (sorry paint) for effect!

Hi Chaps,

Its been a while but a box of Caesar plastic got me back into a groove of sorts. First I must explain that I was going for the pale nondescript (neither fish nor fowl) cammo that the British army have adopted for some reason. (Cannot beat DPM in my humble opinion). Anyway the pale pea green got washed away on the test figure so I didn't bother applying it to the rest...I play solo anyway.

The vehicles are Britannia miniatures and I had forgotten just how good they are, simple to paint and cheap, also Grubby has excelent mail order skills and with my previous two orders I got a very decent freebie with each. I will certainly be ordering again-but I am undecided moderns or bulk out my WW2 German and Russians?

Instead of going for detail I have really gone for effect. 20mm is so easy to paint if you do this. Thanks for blogging hopefully I will have (the first ever) game report to write up over Easter!


  1. Looking good; I've got some Britannia myself and love them ;)

  2. I have to say that I'm really impressed by these, they look great. As for the demise of DPM, I couldn't agree more. As we drive to work on a Friday, we often see school children dressed for cadets and the new uniform just looks wrong in leafy Tunbridge Wells!

  3. We should form a DPM appreciation society...I fear it would contain only men of a certain age though!