Wednesday, 23 April 2014

New camera....

Hi Chaps,

Well I could not stand being unable to post on my blog or take pictures to send to my family in Thailand so I splashed out £20 on a new (to me) Samsung L313. It seems to work OK and I will experiment if we ever get any sunshine.

Whilst in the metropolis I bought some paints...these are to help me paint some Space Marines (Dark Angels) that I bought online....I can't help but think that the chap in the shop saw me coming? It will be interesting to discover how to produce some rust effects but I am a little concerned as to what a "dry" paint actually is and what it does, more research needed.

I am not going nuts for Games Workshop but I have been watching some tutorials and I expect that the skills are transferable to other periods...have a look at this chap...

There are plenty of others and having watched the opening 10 seconds of that clip again I now realise that I already have the base colour it's just a different name. Oh well...

Just for the Victorian junkies I took a picture of the Harris museum as I passed....there are plenty of crumbling Victorian warehouses and shops nearby which has prompted me to dig out the foam board, I often wonder what the other bloggers home towns are like? How about a pic of the most impressive Victorian building from your home town Chaps?


  1. There's a good rust tutorial at

  2. I have put up our local most impressive Victorian building. Not as splendid as your, though!