Saturday, 26 April 2014

First Space Marine

Hi All,

I hope that the weekend is going to be a good one for painting (rain or inclement weather) so that I can read about your exploits. I have painted my first ever Space Marine, bought from ebay for half the price from GW I have a few more on the way. There was so much to paint on this model I almost went dizzy, still I suppose it represents value for money?

I bought these in the hope that one day I will snag Space Hulk from fleabay or a car boot etc...the one thing that I would buy from Games Workshop and they don't sell it anymore! What was that limited run all about? Space Hulk was released a few months after my wife and son died so I was not exactly in a position to think/buy or do anything. Oh well I will wait until they release it again?

Thanks for looking Chaps and keep blogging you keep me sane!


  1. Thanks Chaps, it is nice to just relax and paint something different....

  2. I've come to hate space marines but you've brought the cool out of that one. Nice job.