Tuesday, 8 April 2014

World War Two Plastics....

Hi Chaps,

I just bought a modest couple of packs of plastics to bulk out my Rapid Fire forces. I really wanted the German Tank Riders from Hat but they are rarer/harder to locate than gold dust so I snapped up some Russian Tank riders....the detail is amazing! Its a pity really because my Russians are just meant to be targets for my favoured Germans but now I will have to put some effort into them!

My camera has finally bit the dust so now I may just bite the bullet (LOL) and buy a Bridge camera which in theory should help produce some better pics. Anyway my second purchase was a box of Italeri German Pak 40 anti tank guns. I need the guns but the crew can help serve my 105mm Zvezda guns who's crews I thought were too thin. I did encounter a problem though as I seem to have a wheel missing! Probably my fault as I am terrible at making kits but frustrating....Oh well I will disguise the mock up wheel somehow.

For just under £13.00 I have hours of painting and gaming fun ahead of me, learning to paint at this scale is harder than 28mm but it is certainly affordable to the patient and less well off! When the new camera is purchased I will post a pic of my 20mm hordes.

Thanks for reading Chaps, keep blogging!


  1. Good luck with those, you certainly get more for your money, but not sure my old eyes would cope with the scale. Looking forward to seeing them with paint on.

  2. Your right about the eye thing at our age...but I use a magnifier now...

  3. Shall look forward to seeing them when you get round to replacing the camera :)

  4. They are easier to paint than you might think it just takes time to get used to the scale.

  5. I think you maybe right Robert I will just paint for an effect rather than try too much detail.