Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Games Workshop...more purchases....

Hi All,

Well it has been a busy week with solicitors etc. so the important stuff like my hobby has suffered time wise though the real casualty has been my bank balance.

I have won a couple of auctions for Space Hulk (first edition) and so I naturally needed some figures and then one thing led to another. I had to visit Games Workshop Preston for some red paint and it seems that they have adopted the Foundry 3 shade system with an added wash for each colour? Anyway I cannot wait to try them out.

Whilst I was in the shop I purchased some "Cultist" figures which were actually reasonable at £6 for five, these will fit any future/post apocolypse type of game and are a useful little bunch. Next up was a treat to self for a crap week of legal stuff (actually a crap 6 years). One of my fleabay purchases was a cannon and two crew so this chap will fit the bill as master gunner. I actually have an earlier version of him in metal bought for me by my wife....anyway he was £9 which is damned expensive. Games Workshop can do a decent price (re the Cultists) so why this much for one figure? Anyway like a sucker I bought him.

Keep blogging Chaps, when the rain stops I will post some pictures of the ever growing horde of Space Marine stuff that seems to teleport itself onto my painting station!

Is this addictive?


  1. Some shiny new toys there. I was supposed to be buying less this year, but that seems to have gone horribly wrong!

  2. Looking forward to seeing them finished; I have a pile of GW stuff(mainly donated) to finish; too busy at present though... :-(

  3. Its either a man thing or a wargaming thing or a combination of the two. It seems we are not happy until we have a stash of stuff to work on. Come the zombocolypse I will have plenty to do....