Monday, 5 May 2014

New camera and the Space Marines

Hi Chaps,

Well I am down to the last two Space Marines (Woot woot...). I do not think that I will be painting anymore soon as they seem to be a lot of work for little return and also they are expensive! I bought this lot from ebay for around £12.00 but even on that site the resale prices are eye watering.

Can anyone recommend a decent figure manufacturer in the UK with a sci-fi range? I have bought some reaper fantasy plastics from ebay just to have a look at them but really I wanted science fiction for the inevitable Space Hulk game that will come my way.

The new camera came with a nifty programe that helps to lighten up pictures of miniatures...slowly getting there with the pics.

The pictures don't seem to capture the detail but I suppose there is not that much because they are Space Marines....I do not think that I will go to the trouble of painting more of these.

Keep blogging Chaps you are an inspiring bunch and I like to learn (or is that copy) from your ideas.


  1. I've had the same problems with a load of Sternguard space marines I bought off ebay. Took so long to paint the first that my enthusiasm for the other four has rather cried up. If you like Rogue Trader Era (beaky) marines and don;t mind 15mm then The Ion Age are a good range. I've painted up some of their retained knights on my blog.

  2. Looking good; I've just got some Blood Angels Death Company Marines; never painted them before and they do look hard work...

  3. Smart work Sir, well done that man.

  4. Thanks Chaps,
    Space Marines should be easy but its the opposite for some reason. I will have a look at the Iron age stuff but 15mil is so small at my age LOL

    1. Thanks for following the blog. The Ion Age stuff ( are reasonably simple to paint, and they do have many of the sculpts in 28mm too. Thanks for following the blog, glad to have you on board, and if you think 15mm, then I'll be posting 6mm for the next few days :-)

  5. The pleasure is all mine Blax...your 6mil stuff is very interesting!