Sunday, 9 November 2014

The future is indeed plastic...

Hi Chaps,

 It has been a strange week, having accidentally purchased The Bolt Action rule set on Friday I felt compelled to visit my local model shop to acquire a box of Warlord Games Late War German Infantry. My reasoning was that I could try out the rules in the scale that they seem to have been written for. All was well with my scheme until tonight when I came to paint 4 of the minis, I used Vallejo 920 German uniform's my own fault.

 Usually I paint one figure and make notes in my painting log of the colours I have used (yes I am that boring...the winter nights fly by in my home). Being clever I painted the jackets on four figures assuming that the colour would "settle down" and assume a naturally German army appearance...instead I had four world war two German infantrymen looking like space marines!

Now I have four completed Germans but it was a frustrating experience painting over (twice to get rid of it) the fun colour that masqueraded as a uniform shade. This is just a cautionary tale to gullible who may believe what Vallejo have produced....if I ever meet the guy who named this colour I am going to kick him in the painticles.

On a much more positive note (unless you happen to be my wallet) I saw this today about a range of world war one order from Brigade Games never arrived (The Chris Peers Contemptible Little Armies) and I got no response from the email that I sent them so I may hunt down the old Warhammer Historical set if these figures ever get produced.,+A+blog+dedicated+to+the+hobby+of+wargaming!)

Have a good week Chaps because we are all special.


  1. "Accidentally purchased" - I'll try that one on my wife !.

    But I hear you on that "German Uniform" - I have the same bottle - As far as I know its supposed to be Reed Green for the German summer uniform. MY European troops are all Feildgrau. Cheers

  2. Thanks for the comment Jacko..."Reed Green"? what an awful colour. My purchase really was in error using click regret!

  3. They do look good, don't they? In case you don't know, Empress Miniatures carry Tsuba in the UK. I don't know if they'll have the plastics though.

  4. Thanks Edwin I will check them out...I have never heard of them before today-hard times on my savings I think

  5. Plastic is the future! I use the Vallejo German Field Grey I haven't seen the German Uniform color.

    1. Field Grey is the colour I should have got...the reed green is awful...a fantasy colour.

  6. Hadn't seen the Tsuba figures before. Very interesting!