Sunday, 2 November 2014

Manchester visit and the next painting season.

Hi Chaps,

I must apologise for the lack of posts but this summer has been a pain in the proverbial. First off the visit to Thailand which took the wind out of my sails and then more legal delays....excuses over with.

Can anyone ID the aircraft that the rear gun turret is from? I would never have guessed it...I even read its information card twice. The tank is an easy one but I just wanted to put its picture on here...if your ever in Manchester the war museum there is well worth a visit. I did take lots of photographs but the place is dim and my camera was old even before I bought it-my sons I phoney took far better pictures.

As I intend to resume painting soon I have been spending hours online looking for something a little different...what do you chaps think of Mantic games? Are the figures nice enough to paint? They certainly look interesting enough.

Despite being mostly a solo player I may try and find a local may encourage my son away from the Xbox and I may actually play a game against a live opponent. The only club I previously used to attend regularly was Burnley Wargames Club which I have fond memories of...some of their members were amazing artists as well.

Good to be back and it has been good catching up on what you fellows have been doing.


  1. Good to see you posting again, so come on where's the tail gun from?

  2. Thanks Michael its good to be back.

    As for the turret it's off a Wellington!? It looked pretty high tech as well, almost modern although you would have to be classed as small/tiny to even fit in it today.

  3. Looks like a Nash & Thompson FN-5. Used as a nose turret on Wellingtons, Stirlings, Manchesters and Lancasters.
    Dear Museum- can I have a job ?