Monday, 3 November 2014

Work in Progress

It is a little strange but most of my figures now seem to be from Games Workshop? As a mostly historical type (or so I thought) I find this puzzling. GW are either Sci Fi or Fantasy and expensive to boot yet they are the only figures (except the odd Reaper) that are on my painting table! I have never played a game of WarHammer 40K yet I have a unit of Terminators awaiting undercoat and WarHammer Fantasy is a mystery to me but I now have a couple of units painted up?

To add to this mystery I have several odd modern military figures and a bunch of Zombie survival types on my shelves....long gone are my thoughts of a Napoleonic army in 28mm, maybe its just easier to paint small numbers of varied troops? The big battles (if they ever happen now) will have to be in 6mm...


  1. I know that feeling can't do armies at all. Uniforms just turn me away from figures.

  2. They look rather splendid and like you I struggle to drum up the enthusiasm to complete identical looking troops, probably why I can't seem to focus on one period for any length of time. ;)

  3. It's a mojo thing. Inspiration will carry you a long way but it is finding it that is so difficult. These individual figures (like these splendid ones pictured) invite painting prowess and show promise from the start and the single item is a goal in itself. With a unit you only get that kind of satisfaction once you've done 20 or 30 figures, plus C.O., plus standard, plus etc, etc.

  4. You are all right of course, maybe this problem explains the 6mm craze which comes and goes?

  5. 28mm Napoleonic armies are for people who can focus on just one or two things! Not for me!

    1. Legatus, I had sort of guessed you may have commitment issues with how many (stunning) old girlfriends appear on your blog! Please note I only save their pictures for painting reference....