Thursday, 8 October 2015

40K to get the Age of Sigmar treatment?

Hi Chaps,

Its been a really busy time here with a Bretonnian army almost completed alongside a dwarven army....both are modest in size but a couple of games using The Age of Sigmar set have been interesting.

Games workshop have been very smart. Free easy rules which do give an enjoyable game in an hour or so along with free army lists means that instead of £30 spent on books they sell more figures. I certainly hope that this business model works out for them, it encouraged me to spend my hobby money with them for the first time in years.

Rumours are abound that 40K will get the same treatment as War Hammer Fantasy and I think that this would be a positive many parents and kids are put off from even starting an army with such a heavy investment in rulesets and codex books?

Well done Games Workshop! (can't believe that I wrote that) What do you Chaps think?

Completely unconnected to any of his is a bit of my local history. Leyland (Saxon for untilled land) was given around 1218 to the knights Templar....god only knows what they thought of or even did with this backwater (only rediscovered by the doomsday project after William audited the country) but they did leave their mark!

The photo is of a Knights Templar grave marker of which there are around six in my local churchyard, the "tools" of his trade can be clearly seen etched into the hard dude, both axe and sword!

Keep blogging Chaps coming soon will be some photo's of an Age of Sigmar game complete with new terrain....


  1. I'm impressed with the free rules concept (which many others read Mantic started) I'm not please by the loss of the Warhammer world nor am I impressed with the rules.

    1. I agree Robert that the loss of the WarHammer world was a blow but it will mean little to new players. The rules work IF you remember to keep checking the warscrolls....but again they are not WarHammer they are different.