Thursday, 15 October 2015

Lights, Camera....err action?

Hi Chaps,

Its been another productive week, more painting due to a cold preventing normal sleep and experiments with a camera.

My photography has been shockingly poor and a trip to Aldi provided me with the jolt I needed to work on this with a free sheet of white cardboard. Back home with the shopping packed away I fashioned the white freebie along with some foam board into a little portable studio. Nothing has been perfected yet but with the aid of Pixlr I am hoping that my photo's will improve....see below.

These lads were the first to be immortalised in the new cabinet because they are for the chop via ebay. I did consider buying a few more (I have some on the plastic pile hidden safely from view) but an interesting incident via facebook and some local players changed my mind.

A very nice local Chap offered to give me a game...another offered to punch me in the face if I turned up with either Chinacast (whatever that is) or an out of date codex! I am mightily tempted to find this individual to help him work on his social skills but I feel that I am getting too old to be bothered with the inevitable arrest and court case.....war gaming is it the new alternative to football violence?

Oh well an interesting week indeed! Maybe it is good to game solo?

keep blogging-I need your sanity!!!


  1. I've got to say that these look awesome, the new backdrop is certainly doing the trick. I use something similar myself.

    1. Thanks Michael, I will have to research a little more as it is such a niche subject but it is fun to learn something new.

  2. *sigh* Stories like this are why I avoid the mainstream wargaming hobby like the plague. Keep up the good work, sir!

    1. Its a sad reflection on some people in the hobby....there should be a manual on sportsmanship or something similiar